Fiscal Responsibility

The Economy, Employment and Fiscal Responsibility

A Financially Strong America is achievable. It takes vision, foresight and a pliable plan. I have that plan. And I am ready to negotiate and compromise with Tom Price, Paul Ryan and the next President to create a Clear Path to the Future. Instead of going further into debt, we can afford to increase the size of the budget by about $40-60B per year, start paying down the debt, reduce our interest payments to save another $200B and reinvest the savings in areas that need it the most. Read more by clicking on "The Kristin Beck Plan" or "Swimming in a Sea of Cash".

Environment and Energy

Environment and Energy


I have over 60 issues that will drive this campaign and define my role in office.  Everything starts with jobs and I will have a lot to say on that.  But for now, let's focus on the Five E's and put some common sense behind Fiscal Responsibility to get our Economy moving forward again.  If we just accomplish this much in our first term in office, it will be a lot.  As you go through the list of issues below, you are going to find 50 or more distinct differences between Steny Hoyer and me.  The list of differences starts with Education, the Environment, Energy and Fiscal Responsibility.

As we go through this process of defining our issues and solutions, someone is going to ask, "Where will the money come from to pay for all these ideas?"  It is more than just legitimate to ask this question.  It is fundamentally our responsibility to have an answer.  Many of the ideas listed below pay for themselves and produce a return on investment.  Certainly you have heard your Congressional Leaders say that before and it was rarely true, but once in a while an idea is worthy of a vote of confidence.  I have a number of good ideas.  Let's give them a try.

Some of the issues and solutions listed below cost relatively little.  Others come with a significant price tag.  They all go to helping everyday people like you and me.  Before you condemn my ideas as being too blue sky and too expensive, consider this.  A few years ago we went through a bailout of the Financial Industry after letting Lehman Brothers fail. Remember "TARP" and the "Stimulous".  We sold off or merged Chrysler with Fiat and bailed out GM.  We put so much money into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that your head would spin and I really think people just stopped counting or caring.  Most of the $1T put into the Financial Industry was paid back.  A lot, but not all the GM bailout was paid back.  As for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who knows.  But the $4.1T of freshly printed cash to satisfy the Quantitative Easing Programs are never coming back nor being paid off or even being unraveled.  Not more than one tenth of one percent of the general population of America can even explain what Quantitative Easing really is.

So when someone tells you that we can't afford some of my plans and programs, just tell them that none of my ideas cost as much as Quantitative Easing, a national bailout of every entity that was "too big to fail" or even as much as the bailout of GM.  And every one of my ideas will directly benefit AVERAGE AMERICANS, which never happened with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bank of America, companies "Too Big to Fail" or any aspect of Quantitative Easing.  Please don't tell me that we can't afford my ideas.  We can and we should.  Middle America and Main Street can finally get a little help instead of a steady stream of lip service, and unkept promises from Steny Hoyer and the rest of Congress.

The Master List of Campaign Issues



What Makes Me Different from Steny Hoyer?

This is our current list of issues that we will address during the campaign and the years to follow. We will add subjects and issues to this list on a regular basis and we will unfold our thoughts weekly (at a minimum). We have already defined our strategy behind each one, but we are out talking to our constituents to get input and ideas before we reveal all of them. Over time we will learn more and we will "evolve" as some have put it. There is no doubt that some of our ideas need to be modified, updated or simply changed, but this is our starting point and it should give you some idea as to what I have been thinking about and working on for the last few years.


We need to maintain our energy independence.  America is rich in natural resources from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  Oil, coal and natural gas are in abundance.  But we use too much, conserve too little and damage our atmosphere with reckless abandon.  We can conserve and even recycle to reduce our need to consume so much energy.  We can use alternative energy sources such as geothermal, solar, wind and hydroelectric in far greater quantities.  Nuclear should also be expanded. Texas alone can power 500,000 homes with wind.  Why can't Maryland?


Maryland has been ranked #1 in Education for the past five years. Every other state looks at Maryland as the gold standard in education yet we have unions, organizations, school boards and even the state legislature that wants to make wholesale changes in the way our children are taught in an unrealistic quest to raise the graduation rate from 85% to 97%. Can you imagine what it would take to go from #1 to #1 Plus-Plus. (Click here to Read the Detailed Platform)

Ending the Marriage Penalty in Taxes, Especially on Social Security Income


Do you realize that being married is a bad thing?  Yes, being married makes you a target of Steny Hoyer and every member of Congress, especially the establishment elite and the House Leadership.  Steny Hoyer is the second most highly ranking member of the Democratic Party and he wants you to live in poverty, especially when you are retired.  That’s right.  He WANTS you to live in poverty.  He set it up that way and for 34 years he has aggressively defended his position.


The Social Security Administration puts out a booklet on this very subject.  The booklet number is 05-10077.  An image of the front and back cover are included in this article.  The page that specifies the GREED is also presented below. 


It seems hard to believe that Steny Hoyer or any Congressman or Congresswoman would want your mom to choose whether to eat or buy medicine because Congressman Steny Hoyer has forced our seniors to make tough, but unnecessary choices for the last 34 years.  Though his leadership and his votes in Congress, married couples are penalized.  It doesn’t matter if you are straight to gay or just old enough to draw Social Security, if you are married and you earn more than $32,000 per year (three times the poverty level or the equivalent of about $15 per hour) Steny makes sure you pay taxes on every dollar above that amount.  He is saying, “How dare you earn more than $32,000 per year.  You are so wealthy that we have to take away what little you get in social security because you are just getting too much.  You are no longer contributing enough to society and since you are married, we are going to stick it to you.  However, if you want to get a divorce and live in “sin”, then we will let you earn up to $50,000 before we hammer you back down.


Let me quote you from the booklet:  “Paying taxes o your benefits.  About 40% of all people receiving Social Security benefits have to pay taxes on their benefits.  You’ll have to pay taxes on your benefits if you file a tax return as an “individual,” and your total income is more than $25,000.  If you filed a joint return, you’ll have to pay taxes if you and your spouce have a total income that is more than $32,000.  If married and filing separate returns, you probably will pay taxes on your benefits.”


Is that clear enough.  Let me give you that quote again.  “If married and filing separate returns, you probably will pay taxes on your benefits.”  If that isn’t bad enough it clearly says, “If you filed a joint return you’ll have to pay taxes if you and your spouse have a total income that is more than $32,000.”  There you have it.  Get married, stay married, live the American Dream and raise a family and earn more than $32,000 and Steny will stick it to you.  He isn’t alone and this was not his idea alone.  No, of course not.  He is just the leader in the House that is pushing it.  I think that is just as bad as making up stupid laws to hurt our mom’s in their retirement years.  He doesn’t have to worry about such things because he will receive his golden retirement benefits from the House of Representatives.  He won’t have to ever worry about being taxed for his Social Security benefits.  Hell, he won’t even need them with what he will get from his Congressional Retirement Account.  Sorry mom, Steny has your number and he is coming after every dime he can get from you. 


It doesn’t stop there.  Being married at any point in life costs you money.  You are taxed based on your joint income and it is skewed to make sure you pay more if you are married.


It gets worse:


According to the same document from the Social Security Administration:


“If you get married or divorced, your Social Security benefits may be affected, depending on the kind of benefits you receive.  If we stop your benefits because of marriage or remarriage, we may start them again if the marriage ends.”  What?  The government may cut you off from Social Security if you get married?  What kind of stupidity is that?  Steny Hoyer has had 34 years to fix this kind of attacks on our parents and seniors, but he just doesn’t care.  He is too old and too tired to care.  He won’t fight for any of us any longer.  He just needs to retire and let someone else, anyone else take over and fight for the underdog like you and me.


And it gets even worse:


If you read the fine print, there is an innocuous statement that hits many if not most widows.  It says, “Family members may be eligible for Social Security Survivors benefits when a person getting benefits dies.”  There is a tiny bit of optimism here, but the truth is that I know people who are getting less than $200 in social security benefits who cannot get any “survivors” benefits because the Social Security Administration says they earn too much?  How can $200 per month be “too much”.  Just ask Joy Philips.  When here husband died, she was told three times that she could not get any of her husband’s social security benefits.  You can’t make stuff like this up.  Steny knows it’s true and he won’t give Mrs. Philips he time of day.


I would like to think I can fix this, but I am just one person.  I will do everything I can to make sure we change this.  I would like to make a promise, but I know that too many people run for office based on promises and then fail to live up to those promises.  So I will say this as strongly as possible without making a promise.  I will do everything I can to change the IRS and stop Congress from penalizing you for just loving someone enough to marry them. I will do everything in my power to make sure that a widow or widower gets the full benefit of their spouse for the rest of their lives.

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In this section, we will introduce you to each issue and solution.  At the end of each introduction, we will give you the opportunity to read more of the details by clicking on a link.  Read as much or as little as you like.  Policy wonks will want to read every word.  Our opposition and status quo advocates will push back against us.  That's great.  We love the fundamental right of free speech even when it is used against us.  It makes us all stronger and forces us to rethink everything.  It also helps to hold us accountable.  I can hear the pundit's drumbeat now, "Flip Flop Flip Flop Flip Flop".  And that might be true from time to time as we work through "Compromise".  Compromise is not a dirty word.  It is what you do to advance America.  Many times it is the right thing to do.  I believe that I can find suitable forms of compromise that allows everyone to win.

The issues listed below will be addressed over time as the campaign progresses, but not in order.  Keep checking back for updates.

Employment - Bring Back Manufacturing to Maryland


Ask yourself this, “How many new manufacturing plants have opened in Southern Maryland in the past 34 years?”  Did you say, “Zero?”  Steny Hoyer was elected to Congress 34 years ago.  He has voted for trade deal after trade deal.  How many jobs did we lose to Mexico when NAFTA became law?  How fast did GM move out of Sparrows Point in Baltimore and other car manufacturers move to Mexico? What else is going to close down when the TPA and TAA go into effect?  So far Nancy Pelosi and most of the Democrats in the House are holding firm to stop these monstrous, job killing trade deals, but not Steny Hoyer.  He has line up with the Republicans to ship your job overseas by voting for TPA and TAA.  We have to stop him.  We can on April 26  I have a lot to say about jobs and employment.  Just click here to read more.


Trust is a Prerequisite in a Democracy. I am doing everything possible to be completely open and honest with you. I am not holding back. We must restore honesty and trust in our elected officials.  To stop telling lies about immigration reform and the affordable care act would be a good start.  If politicians would stop leaving out the truth because the truth would undermine the debate would be a great second step in restoring Trust in our Government.  Our military has a 79% approval rating. My opponent and his colleagues in Congress have a 9% approval rating. I intend to do something about this. (Read More )

Economic Plan

Southern Maryland is a long way from recovering from the Great Recession. It has been seven long years and our families are still struggling to stay out of foreclosure, pay health care premiums, put a decent meal on the table and pay for tuition. Community colleges are the only affordable way to start a degree program without creating a mountain of debt. Instead of helping a shrinking middle class, Congress has started to debate their next round of pay raises. We need leaders who won’t play political games. We need leaders who are capable of working with Democrats and Republicans. We need leaders who understand that there are economic policies like lower taxes and fewer regulations that are necessary to help small businesses grow. (Learn More)


Teachers spend far too much time each day doing things other than teaching. They went to school and got their teaching degrees to teach, not to do bus duty and lunchroom patrol. Teachers have a calling, like I do. They want to serve their community like I do. But they are hamstrung by a myriad of activities each day that pull them away from teaching and preparing to teach. On top of that we change the curriculum at a whim. We allow Congress to dictate to local school boards what they will teach and how. We need a great Department of Education, but we don't need a "National School Board" that dictates what our children are going to learn, how they are going to be taught and what they are going to be tested on. Our teachers need a better opportunity to do what they do best and they need to be responsive to parents and local school boards much more so than a bunch of old white men (and few capable women) in Washington DC.  Does the delegation from Maryland know what is best for the education of children in Alaska?  Do the Representatives from Alabama know what is best for the kids in Maryland?  Think about it.


We must make public private partnerships work in Maryland to restore and expand our transportation network. We must expand the American Legion Bridge. We must increase capacity at White's Ferry. And we must have a new bridge over the Potomac to connect Rt. 301 to the Fairfax County Parkway.  Over the next 50 years, our nation's population will increase by about 50% to over 447M souls. Our roads, bridges, airports, seaports, highways and toll roads are all going to have to keep up. To double the size of each of these facilities will be hard enough, but not impossible. But to fuel our cars, boats, trains and aircraft will take enormous amounts of fuel. Keeping fuel prices stable for oil and gas will require shifts in energy usage for our homes and businesses. We have huge transportation issues to address in a very short period of time. We need real leaders. It Starts Now.  Read More



I was a SEAL for 20 years and on a team that could not afford weak links or dissention. Our missions were life and death for teammates. The mission of our government is life and death for our nation. It may not seem like our nation could die, but it is happening and it is a slow death. A slow death of apathy and a lack of compassion for each other in everyday life. We need to open our minds, stop the divisions and start seeing each other, every individual, as fellow Americans and equal partners in our journey to Prosperity, Security, Liberty and Freedom. I have fought and bled for this country and its values, hopes and dreams. I will not stand by and see our country divided by race, color, gender, wealth, religion or anything else. Our Nation was built on individuals and diversity of all kinds. It is time to get back on track and work together.  Read More 

Health Care Reform 

The Obama Administration is overstating the facts to put a "smiley face" on the Affordable Care Act that is better known as the Unaffordable Care Act or Obamacare.  Many, if not most of the families that have signed up for health care have been enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid or Tri Care instead of a private health care plan.  Only about 7M Americans are being subsidized through the federal exchange known as  If you once had a $200 per month policy, you are likely to be paying $1000 per month with these new Obamacare health insurance policies and you are likely to have a $12,000 deductible.  There is nothing affordable about that.  It is highway robbery and our elected representatives are brushing it off under the disguise of being "low premium high deductible" plans.  This is crazy.    

The Affordable Care Act has had many missteps on its rollout. Dr. Gruber was the final blow. What many had suspected or experienced as false claims and overstated facts became all too true. Public Trust has disappeared. I have a plan to restore that trust with major changes to the existing framework without having to scrap the ACA.  Read More  We can replace the ACA (Obamacare) with a much better law that will actually deliver universal health care at an affordable price. (Learn More)

Fiscal Responsibility 

A Financially Strong America is achievable. It takes vision, foresight and a pliable plan. I have that plan. And I am ready to negotiate and compromise with Tom Price, Paul Ryan and President Obama to create a Clear Path to the Future. Instead of going further into debt, we can afford to increase the size of the budget by about $40-60B per year.  We must start paying down the debt, reduce our interest payments to save another $200B and reinvest the savings in areas that need it the most. Read more by clicking on "The Kristin Beck Plan" or "Swimming in a Sea of Cash"

Voter Integrity 

If there is any chance of voter fraud, then let's just get rid of it so that no one can ever say that an election was tainted.  We can do that. We should do that. We should hold our heads up high as the Democratic Party, and say to the world that we are beyond reproach and our elections have no chance of misconduct of any sort. We are the greatest nation on earth. Should we have half of our citizens crying foul every time we go to the polls? Is that the way we should act? No. So let's get this right.

Equal Pay for Equal Work 

Women deserve equal pay for equal work.  Everyone deserves equal pay for equal work.  This is just common sense.  But it doesn't happen.  We must change that.

The Lilly Ledbetter Act of 2009 made it much less difficult to sue an employer for pay discrimination. Yet the act of discrimination persists. With the labor participation rate the lowest since the 1970's it is extremely difficult for anyone to take the risk of loosing their job to sue over a pay dispute. It is a catch 22 that must be solved. Join me to make equal pay a reality. Learn More

Expunge the Criminal Records of Minor Drug Offenses

We have to protect our children as they enter the workforce. We cannot allow minor infractions with the law end their dreams for a lifetime by stopping them from ever applying for a job that they truly want.

Over 6.5M youthful offenders have been convicted of minor drug offenses that will prohibit them from getting a decent job or a professional license. This is basically a death sentence. We have to change the status quo. We can't allow any child to be without a future. We have to get dads back in their homes with their kids. We have to rebuild families and give our children a second chance. Too many families of color will never have a real home or a forever family if we don't do something now.  (Read More)

480,000 Americans Die From Smoking Each Year; Zero Die From Marijuana 

Cigarettes are the most lethal substance in the world when ingested as directed.  A half million Americans are addicted and die each year.  The CDC says that Marijuana is only mildly addictive and there are no known cases over the past 50 years of anyone dying from Marijuana.  I don't recommend people smoke cigarettes or marijuana, but we have to apply some common sense when it comes to destroying the lives of 650,000 young adults each year for minor possession convictions. (Learn More

Minimum Wage and Job Creation 

I am proposing a $15 per hour minimum wage.  This is a living wage and raises families out of poverty.  We also need a host of jobs that can support a $15 per hour salary.  We must bring home over 5M jobs that have been outsourced over the last two decades and make $15 per hour a reality.  Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles have already joined the push for a higher minimum wage and New York and Chicago are not far behind.

We care. I care. Above all else we care and we will act in a caring way. When our citizens are in need; we will provide. If there is a way to reduce or remove that need, then we will do it, or try. In general, good, high paying jobs are the fastest way to removing the need of the government to step in and take care of its citizens. The debate over minimum wage is a distraction. We need jobs, good paying jobs. And we need as many people as possible making $15 per hour or more.  (Read More)

A Financially Strong America  

I want America to be economically and financially strong. We can do it. We must do it. Part of the solution is to restore trust in our financial institutions.

I want America to be economically and financially strong. The US abandoned the Gold Standard in the 70’s when France was exchanging Gold Notes for actual bullion. Some say that the French and others drained the Bullion Depository at Ft. Knox. I don’t believe so, but Americans deserve the right to know one way or the other. Let’s put this myth to bed. At a minimum we will create a sense of economic security if everyone knows that the gold in Fort Knox is safe. I will propose legislation to open the doors of Fort Knox to the public. (Read More)

An Energy Surplus Driven America that Coexists with the Environment

I have a clear plan to unleash the power of wind, solar, geothermal and hydro power. But I won't tell you that coal is bad or oil is bad or natural gas is bad. I won't even say that nuclear is bad. Why, because millions if not billions of people are alive today and living above the poverty line because of hydrocarbon based energy. I want to use less of those fuels and I have a plan, but let's be honest; we all go to bed at night believing that the electricity will stay on. Over 50% of that electricity comes from coal fired power plants. Shut them all down today and half of our children will freeze next winter.  (Read More) 

Privacy Should Be a Fundamental Right that Coexists with Security   

Casting a wide net to sniff out crime is a crime in itself.  The Constitution specifically prohibits the federal government from spying on its own citizens.  We do not live under the thumb of the KGB, but we are becoming a nation that submits to the will of the NSA.  I will not substitute one for the other and say that as a "Patriot" I will give up my privacy in exchange for security.  Not one telephone record or recorded international conversation detected the events leading up to 9/11.  And they won't now.  If we need hundreds of new FBI agents, then hire them, but do not ever spy on an American Citizen in the false name of security.  More recent revelations make it seem as if our government is more interested in collecting our data than they are in protecting it.  Over 4M federal workers have had their most personal data stolen by the Chinese.  And where we were promised that our health care data would be protected when the government forced doctors to put it into computer databases, now we learn that the Mayo Clinic is data mining the medical records of 150M Americans (Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on June 14, 2015).  How did the Mayo Clinic get your private health care information?  Who else has access?

Congress is telling us that we can have Privacy or we can have Security, but we can't have both. BS. We live in a new world where electronics leave a digital trail of evidence and computers can work around the clock to sniff out wrong-doing. Our Constitution says that the government cannot cast a wide net to gather information or evidence against anyone or everyone. But Congress and the Security Community have broken down the barriers that protect us.  It has to stop.  (Learn More)

We are Not Above the Law or Our Fellow Americans 

I don't think there is a single American that believes that Congress or the President should live above the law or in a privileged sect that has better health care, pay or retirement benefits. Yet Congress has lived this ways for decades. Many Americans believe that they have been sold out to the highest bidder or the most influential lobbyist. The quickest way to restore some degree in confidence in Congress is to set term limits. I believe in term limits and will limit myself to 12 years in the House. (Read More

Support OUR Veterans 

I am a Veteran.  I will do everything in my power to protect every Veteran.  I will work to end homelessness among Veterans and I will do everything possible to stop the 22 Veteran suicides that occur every singe day.

Veterans pay it forward. From the moment they raise their hand and take the oath, they have made a commitment that doesn't stop when times get tough. They have committed everything, including their life. They do it out of a sense of duty and service to their fellow man.

When the time comes, they are prepared to sacrifice everything for me and you. They do it without hesitation. So why do we measure and ration our support. I am not going to hold anything back. (Learn More)

Reduce Waste

Congress does not want you to know about the waste that is rampant in Washington. They all look bad because of waste, but if you don't see it, then they walk away clean. If you do see it they blame it on the other guy or just say, "I don't know where you got that idea" and make you feel foolish. Well, you are not mistaken. Waste is there and somehow it has been voted into law or spent on stupid ideas. I have a willingness to try to do something about it. Let's get started.           

Protect Women from the Impact of Rape Investigations

Victims of rape should never be victimized twice.  When a rape has occurred, we need to do everything possible to protect the victim and treat them with care and respect in every case regardless of circumstances.  (Learn More)

Set a National Goal of 25% of all Energy to be Produced by Wind, Solar and Geothermal

Building out a Renewable Energy Infrastructure to produce 25% of the nation's energy requirement is well within our capability. It just takes a national will and leadership (like the TVA and the Hoover Dam). I will provide the plan and the leadership. You need to provide the will. Anyone familiar with the economics of Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Hydroelectric will tell you that we can meet this goal in 15 years or less. (Learn More)

Term Limits

The quickest way to restore some degree of trust in our government is to limit the time any one person can serve in office.  If we allow dynasties or lifetime congressional seats to get entrenched any further, we will never have a chance to end the backroom underhanded dealings we see running rampant in our government today.  I am proposing a 12 year limit on House and Senate seats.

Steny Hoyer gave a speech during the 2014 campaign season right before Governor O'Malley and President Obama. It was a bit surreal. Both O'Malley and Obama serve under term limits of eight years each, which seems to be more than enough to get the job done. But Hoyer can be in office for life.  He has already been in office (the US Congress) for life or at least 34 years. I will commit to limiting my term of office to 12 years.  (Learn More)

IRS Reform by Changing to a Wealth Management Agency (the WMA)  

If every American were rich, the IRS would be merely a bunch of bank tellers who collect deposits. My goal is to increase the personal wealth of every single US Citizen so that the IRS has little or nothing to do all day long. Is that so absurd? Isn’t that what most people want? It can be done with a simple mental switch. If the IRS is charged with Wealth Creation instead of Wealth Destruction the IRS can become the catalyst for expanding wealth at all levels of the economic spectrum.  (Learn More)

Reform the IRS Part 2, Simplify the Tax Code  

I will propose legislation to limit the power of the IRS to ruin your life.  I will propose legislation to force the IRS to hand over all interest and penalty payments to the Treasury.  I will simplify the business tax code to less than 10 pages and the personal income tax code to less than 100 pages.  I will propose legislation to cut personal income tax by half and limit business taxes to 5% of gross receipts.

The goal of my plan is simple; retire by age 60 with enough money in the bank that you don’t need anything else, but you will gladly take your investments in Social Security and Medicare. You paid into the system, you should get back every cent you paid in and the interest it accrued, for life. Instead of having the 2037 deadline for Social Security to suffer its first major write down in history, my plan makes sure that Social Security is fully funded until the end of the century and beyond. My plan is to make the individual tax code easy to understand and short enough to fit in a small, color, glossy pamphlet. (Learn More)

Reform the IRS Part 3, Who's the Criminal? 

We could increase revenue used across a wide spectrum of programs, starting with school lunches if the IRS was not feeding billions of dollars to prison inmates. We will take punitive actions against the IRS for allowing anyone who is incarcerated to file a fake tax return. There should be stiff penalties for prisoners who claim a tax refund while they are in prison and had no possibility of getting a refund. We will deduct from the funding of the IRS, dollar for dollar, every dollar the IRS pays out incorrectly to anyone who is incarcerated. (Learn More)     

Reform the Corporate Tax Structure to Make it Fair 

I will change the tax structure so that individuals pay roughly the same amount of taxes as businesses. Business should not get tax breaks and free lunches at the expense of people like you and me. Business must pay their fair share. Is 5% too much to ask of Exxon Mobile or GE?

There are five main sources of tax revenue for the US. Between 40% and 50% of all taxes are paid directly by you as part of your annual income taxes (those nasty things you have to pay by April 15). Yes you. We are talking to you, not someone else. In 2019 the OMB estimates that YOU will be paying 48% of everything that Congress wants to take in (before we borrow billions on billions from the Chinese). On the other hand, Corporate America will ONLY be paying 12% as a result of loopholes, tax breaks, gimmicks and "tax avoidance" (cheating). Is that fair?  (Learn More)

Save our Kids Economic Future 

There are many things we can do to shift from spending for the sake of spending to spending for the sake of saving. For instance, in Maryland we are supporting a tax credit, dollar for dollar, to reimburse prospective parents for the cost of adoptions. When you do the right thing and find permanent homes for the kids in foster care, then you can also cut the cost of running the state government. It is just common sense to save money, but more importantly, it is the right thing to do. (Learn More)

Balance the Budget and Pay off 75% of Federal Debt in 16 Years

I am proposing a plan to balance the budget and pay off 75% of the National Debt within 16 years. If you need to get a new pair of glasses and read that line again, go ahead. Unlike most people who run for office and say that they will cure cancer or take America to Mars, we have a more practical plan. If you want the money, the cold hard cash, to pay for cancer research and space travel, you better not ask the Chinese for it. Nope, they are just about done with the US and all the money we owe them. They already get $30B per year in interest payments from the US so they don'€™t need much more. Their target is $50B+ per year in cold hard cash payments PER YEAR from the US alone. They get additional amounts from Western Europe and other countries so the Chinese could stop lending money to any country right now and still get $50B+ in revenue forever.  That is a great place for the Chinese to be, but it is devastating for Americans, especially the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged in our own country. For less than we pay the Chinese every single year to get nothing in return we could pay for free breakfasts and lunches for our school children, fund the National Institutes of Health or put a woman on Mars. Read more about "The Kristin Beck Plan" or "Swimming in a Sea of Cash" by clicking on these links.

Repatriate Jobs

I will propose legislation to bring jobs home and I will oppose legislation like the TPA that gives our jobs away to workers earning about $1.10 per hour in China and $2.00 per hour in India.

According to the Washington Post (that was citing the SBA, The Kaufmann Foundation and other sources): “During the 1990’s, American multinational companies added 2.7 million jobs in foreign countries. Over the following decade, those firms continued adding positions overseas (another 2.4 million positions).” I intend to bring those jobs home along with $2T in cash that is parked offshore.  (Read More)

Save our Kids Literally

Before we enact one new gun law, I want to see full enforcement of the laws we currently have.

We have plenty of good gun laws and the violent crime rate on a national level is the lowest it has been in decades, but it is still not enough. We have to drive down the murder rate in the nation’s murder capital, Baltimore. And Prince George’s County is not far behind. We can do it by enacting and enforcing laws that make sense.  (Learn More)  

Lexus Lanes Get A Bad Rap

We can improve transportation through the infusion of capital into toll roads and toll bridges where the consumer pays for faster trips. It may be called Lexus lanes and it may get a bad rap, but we need to step in and reduce the cost and time to move from home to work and back. Adding a few lanes and busses and light rail from point A to Point B is a good idea. Building cities and governmental facilities in the opposite direction of the morning traffic jams is also a good idea. We can make investments right now that are smart and will alleviate major sections of traffic delay by optimizing the infrastructure we already have in place.  (Learn More)

A Ship of State

Very few commercial ships that make transoceanic voyages fly the flag of the United States because the ship’s owners do not want to subject themselves to the environmental laws of the United States. I will proposes changes to every law that causes this to happen. I will seek to make major investments in our ports and ship building industry. I will seek to build a fleet of nuclear powered commercial ships and make sure they are built bigger and stronger than any other ships of their type. We will make sure that they are built by Americans in American shipyards, sail from American ports and fly Old Glory with crews that are 100% American.  (Learn More)

Homelessness Has a Solution

We can end homelessness. It is not a sophisticated problem to solve. The only issue is one of determination. Many Americans want this issue solved. Many Americans are willing to work to correct the situation. Even more Americans are ready to vote for someone who will really focus on addressing the issue. I am that person. I have a plan and you can read about it below. (Learn More)


We can't wait to rebuild our nation's infrastructure. It must happen now. I will propose legislation to do just that. And I will work to repeal legislation that causes the cost of this work to be so high (Davis Bacon). Future projects should be competitively bid regardless of the wage rate. Business and states should be able to make their own decisions and act in a free market competitive manner. This is one regulation that has to go.

Over 20% of America's bridges are in desperate need of repair or replacement. We have known this for many years, but little is happening. I will do something about it. Simple ideas, simple solutions, big results. This is not rocket science. It is basic bridge building 101 and no one seems to care. We can and will do something about it.  (Learn More)

What in the Hell is Sequestration?

Sequestration is killing the morale of over 110,000 workers in our district. Day after day, our federal employees worry if they will be going to work or not. Sequestration and job furloughs are destroying us. This must come to an end. Steny Hoyer should have never voted for this law and I will vote to repeal it.

On August 1, 2011, Steny Hoyer voted for Sequestration. Since then he has lamented the impact of Sequestration on 110,000 of his constituents who work for the federal government. Did he know what Sequestration was when he voted for it? Does he understand Sequestration now? Does he know he helped create Sequestration? Come on Steny, we have your number. You created it, so why not balance the budget and get rid of it? That is all you have to do to fix the mess YOU created. It took you two years to figure out that Sequestration was hurting your constituents by the thousands (110,000 to be more precise). How could it take that long? Are you that out of touch? Here is how "The Hill" put it, "Hoyer plays hardball on sequester cut; By Mike Lillis - 09/17/13 09:50 AM EDT;Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) has emerged as one of the fiercest advocates for eliminating the sequester as Congress seeks a viable plan to avoid a government shutdown." (Read "The Hill") (Watch Video)


Earmarks are bad business. I will make sure they never come back into the political process.

Earmarks were banned in 2011 and I agree with the ban.  Future Congresses could reinstate earmarks.  If that happens, I will vote routinely to block or limit earmarks.  I don' like them.  Here's why.  When one Congressman or Congresswoman wants something special for their district, they have to get support from other Representatives.  The horse trading that goes on leads to increased spending across virtually every Congressional District.  And that leads to increased spending, through horse trading, in regular spending bills.  It is just human nature to trade and cooperate with others in order to get what you want.  We have to guard against that.  We are $18T in debt.  At this point, ever dollar counts and earmarks are real dollars, as much as $16B per year.  The ban is a good one and I support it completely. 


I will work to remove the Standing Clause from every piece of existing legislation. It is bad for America. It limits our rights to stand up to the injustices of government.

Not many Americans know about "Standing".  This is the term used to describe how Congress takes away your right to sue the Government when they do things that hurt you.  The government does not want a thousand individual citizens suing.  They want to name one person who can legally do the job for you.  But it is a scam. When a President or Congress does not want to be sued for doing something stupid, they name on of their political allies to be the responsible person to "stand" for you.  Well, you can't get that "friend of Congress" to act on your behalf.  So, instead of standing up for you, they stand in your way.  The use of standing clauses in legislation have hurt the rights of average citizens to sue their government.  Rules and laws such as this create part of the distrust in Congress.  If you want to restore trust and restore some of the effectiveness of the Supreme Court, we should reduce or eliminate the use of "standing" to block legal actions against the government and find a better way to stop frivolous lawsuits or too many lawsuits. (Learn More)

Ten Mile Creek

I care deeply about our environment and will work to restore our rivers, streams and the Chesapeake Bay.

Nationally, no one knew about Ten Mile Creek, until now.  It is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the environmental movement in America.  Several of the largest environment groups aligned themselves with politicians from my Political Party who unceremoniously killed the last unpolluted, free flowing source of water in southwest Maryland (Montgomery County). They did it so that 500 houses could be built and an outlet mall could be developed.  Both could have moved five miles up the highway and nothing bad would have happened, but my Party, the current Party of Disappointment voted to kill off the creek and the emergency water reservoir that it supported just to fulfill the objectives of the county Master Plan.  I will never do this.  Never means never.  And shame on the Sierra Club and others for backing these politicians in their bid for reelection. (Learn More

Agricultural Run Off and Pollution 

I will work to limit the amount of chemical fertilizers that enter our waterways, Bay and estuaries. There are simple, low cost solutions. Why hasn't this already happened? Simply put, there is no leadership at the top.

Fertilizer from farms, homes and golf courses is one of the primary pollutants entering our watersheds, reservoirs, bays and estuaries. The same fertilizer that feeds your lawn also feeds the plants that grow in our rivers and they grow like crazy. When they do, they use up too much of the free oxygen in the water and the fish simply die. We have understood this cycle for decades and little has been accomplished.  (Read More)

Buried Treasure Flowing Like Water 

Cleaning the Bay, the Potomac and the Anacostia Rivers are all possible, but we haven't done it. Why? Your Representative has been in Congress for over three decades and there has been precious little progress made to improve the health of the Bay. I will walk you though the issues, starting at a fairly high level and teach you why your Representative has failed and what should have been done long ago.  (Read More)

Sue the Crap Out of New York and Pennsylvania 

To be honest, I don't want to sue either state, but they send a huge amount of human fecal matter and other waste down stream in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Maps that show significant sources of pollution show these two states as perhaps the greatest problem for the Bay. If we can't get them to stop flushing their toilets into the Bay through negotiations, then it will be necessary to take a more forceful and legal approach.  (Read More)

Conowingo What?  

Every year or two there is a major storm that settles in over the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. When it does, the sediments in the reservoir behind the Conowingo Dam are scoured and flow over the dam and into the Bay. This chokes the plants, the crabs, the oysters and other creatures. It disrupts the ecosystem. It takes years to get back to normal and then there is another storm. Until the Conowingo Dam Reservoir is dredged the Bay can never get back to normal. This is the first step in restoring the Bay in my plan. I hope you will join me. (Read More)

This Isn't Trash

The debate over global warming is heating up again.  The vast majority of scientists believe that this is a real phenomenon.  But there are those who just can't see it.  Maybe their issue is focused on the cause and not so much on reality.  If your job depends on fossil fuels, and millions do, then you can't just suddenly want to switch to wind power.  Feeding your family is far more important than reducing CO2.  So let' change the debate and change the direction of our nation without hurting people or industries.  Let's grow green jobs and wean ourselves off of oil and other hydrocarbon based energy sources. (Read More)

The one argument you won't hear on conservative talk radio is the fact that sea levels are rising.  Not one person can say that sea levels are going down.  This is the clear debate that I want to have.  And I will start with this; If I can put a proposal on the table to reduce Green House (CO2) Gas Emissions by 5% to 10% over a 20 year period for less than $1B per year, will the rest of the House join me and put up the money in spite of the rhetoric regarding climate change? I believe Climate Change is real.  I don't care if the source is human or natural.  I want to do something that will have a positive impact.  My plan might actual cost nothing at all.  I have designed my plan to more than pay for itself.  But if I need as much as $1B per year for 20 years to reduce Green House Gas Emissions in the US by as much as 10%, would Congress support it?  That's the question.  I need your help to first get into Congress and then to implement my plan. (Learn More)

Poop and Other Stuff

From a distance, most rivers look clean and calm. But get down on the bank and dip a glass into the water and then take a look. You don't have to take a close look because you can clearly see the poop and other stuff that is floating in the water. Many of our major rivers are used to carry away our human fecal matter and other solid waste. We can't ignore this any longer. It's time to take action.  (Read More)

River Keepers & Fishing Partners (they call it fishing, not catching, for a reason)

There is a "River Keeper" organization for most large rivers in Maryland and other states.  These organizations are dedicated, fully dedicated to solving local issues related to the rivers they are protecting.  We can harness their energy to help guide us in finding solutions to the problems that are causing the rivers to die.  We have come a long way since the most horrible days of the 1970's, but we have a long way to go.  Let's enlist the River Keepers to help fix this mess. (Read More)

Solar Street Lights: Fewer Calories, Less Filling 

Who pays for all of those streetlights? There are millions on millions in America and we all pay for them. Why not have them pay for themselves and actually pay us back for a change? I have a workable plan to generate twice as much electricity as is required to run a common street light today and then replace those energy grabbing lights with high efficiency lights. Net-net, we should get a paycheck when the job is done. Brilliant? No, just a better idea. (Read More)

Forever Homes - Caring for Maryland's Children

Children who grow up in foster care or worse have no support network once they turn 18. This is referred to as “aging out of the system”. Can you imagine if your children celebrated their 18th birthday and before they could blow the candles out on the cake you told them to get out of the house and never come back? Where would they go and what would they do? I have a plan. We can have a positive impact on so many lives, forever.  (Read More)

Forgiving our Students (and their loans)

Greed and ineptitude have made a mess out of college student loans. We need to do a reset. We can and we will. As we move to free college tuition there is no need to keep punishing those who have recently graduated with loans they can never repay. Let's fix this situation now and save our kids from a lifetime of debt. They already over $170,000 for the national debt.  If they have to repay $100,000 in student loans on top of that, they will have to pay $6,750 per year (for 40 years) to just pay the loans they have accumulated by the time they graduate.  That would be $562 per month out of the household budget before they even think about rent or food. Let's give our kids a break.  (Learn More

Foreclosure Abatement

I will propose legislation to end unnecessary foreclosures in America.

The Federal Government has provided for subsidized housing to those in need for many years. This is a direct expense and the government never gets the money back. It is all given away. And we support that. We would like to see the same government help families that can and do own homes in a similar way when they fall on hard times. And in this case, we expect these families to pay back every dime over time. The government gets its money back. And we are the government.   (Read More)

How to Succeed with Immigration Reform

America is made great by those who follow our laws, not by those who oppose them, ignore them or who tear at their very fabric.  I oppose any effort to unilaterally do all three without the full support of the American people through our Representatives in Congress.

We have a great set of immigration laws. They have been on the books for many years and they have worked whenever we have chosen to enforce them. In an open society of over 300M Americans, there is no practical way to police every corner of our community, but we try. We have laws like eVerify that should be sufficient to enforce immigration. When we choose to ignore the laws we get into real trouble. Now we have a mess on our hands and we have to fix it. It will take a real plan to fix it and I have one. (Learn More)  

Cut Crime by 25% Now

Baltimore is burning. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively, but none-the-less, Baltimore has failed its citizens and its Mayor has failed the police. Why can’t they see that broken homes without a father figure, unfathomable numbers of incarcerations, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity and a genuine lack of hope are destroying a great city.

As a nation, we are making progress in reducing crime. The FBI has reported for years that the levels of crime are going down. But some cities still have a horrible crime rate. Maryland, and especially Baltimore are tragically lost in the war on crime. This year, homicides are up 25% in Baltimore. Maryland is in the top ten states with the worst crime rates. I want to cut crime in Maryland by 25% or more. (Learn More

Body Cameras Save Lives and Dollars

Over 20 police officers are ambushed and killed each year. Many more are ambushed and wounded. There is no doubt that our men and women in blue are worried when they face a criminal, especially those criminals that are well known to be violent. It will take nerves of steel to be a police officer until this situation changes. Body cameras are part of the solution. Better evidence will lead to more convictions. And it may help an officer to prepare for the moment of truth. (Learn More

Alzheimer's research and support

We need Alzheimer'€™s research and support for our elderly, suffering from this disease. We will establish a commission to make recommendations on a series of steps to be taken to combat this disease and to provide support to the families and victims of Alzheimer'€™s. (Read More)

Gerry Who?  

Politicians in Maryland have found it more expedient and certain to win an election if they pick their voters through Gerrymandering than it is to allow voters to simply elect the neighbors they trust.  I will work to change that and have Congressional Districts composed of compact geographic locations.

Are we frightened by the possibility of losing? Our political process is founded on the basis that good ideas win and bad ideas lose. When we have to resort to Gerrymandering to rig an election, we are just hiding the fact that we have bad ideas. I am completely against this practice and will work to stop it. Congressional Districts, all districts, should be compact and reflect the true makeup of a small area that represents the people who live there. Let's not be afraid of the voters. Let's have good ideas and ideals to begin with and  then let the voters choose.  (Learn More)

Free College Tuition

College tuition and fees should never be one of the leading sources of State Revenue, but in Maryland it is.  I am proposing legislation to pay for four years of college for those who have worked hard enough to earn a 3.25 grade point average in high school.  This is not a blanket free tuition program.  It is reserved for those who have attended our high schools for four years and have earned very high marks through hard work.  These students, regardless of economic status, should have the ability to go to school without the stress of having to take on mountains of debt in order to graduate from one of our great universities.

Steny Hoyer is looking for Pre-K and K-12 funding. We are going to find funding for Pre-K and we are going to pass legislation to make "in state" college tuition free, including Vocational Education for those who have worked hard and earned it.  It costs more for the State to send a student to high school than it does for parents to send their kids to college. By using Federal funds, State funds, local school board funds and a little more from other sources we can stitch together enough money to pay for hard working students to go to college tuition free. It is entirely possible and some legislators are beginning to wake up. Even President Obama has suggested paying for community college. Let's work the math and pay the bill. It starts now.   (Learn More)

Simplifying Business

We must reduce the burden of regulations that inhibit our businesses from getting off the ground and expanding to meet a global demand for American products and services.

Our parents and many of us had the opportunity to save for retirement. But our children (those graduating since 2008) are not getting the same opportunity due to a lack of jobs and adequate pay. We must restore good, high paying jobs to our economy. We must build up the middle class. We must do whatever we can to improve Retirement Security for our children. (Learn More

We will engage our State Leaders to help push Maryland Forward

We should not have to resort to the Supreme Court to resolve our differences. But much of our legislation is coming from the bench because we have lost the ability to have a civil dialogue or debate. It has been "Us vs. Them" for too long. I want to have an active engagement with members of Congress and the Maryland Legislature. We did this years ago and it's high time we started doing it again. I will not be a business as usual Representative. I will be engaged in a lot of dialogue.

Who Creates Jobs?

We all create jobs in one way or another. If the government spends a million dollars to build a road, someone gets paid. Jobs are created. If an entrepreneur raises capital and builds a company, someone gets paid. Jobs are created. If we decide to buy more American products, then more domestic jobs are created. We are all involved. So what are we arguing about? (Learn More)

Creative Accounting aka "The Producers"

Creative Accounting for the Purple Line seems to be the order of the day. Maryland can’t afford it, so lawmakers are getting more and more creative. Mel Brooks had a movie many years ago called “The Producers”. If you want to know anything about creative accounting and the Purple Line, just watch the movie. Without crazy ideas on Debt vs. Operating Costs going into effect, there is no way to afford or even hoodwink our way into building the Purple Line. (Learn More

Who Does the MVA Believe I AM

I will reduce the barriers for any citizen of the United States, especially Veterans, to obtain a driver’s license in the State of Maryland and all other states by modifying the “Real ID Act” to make it work for every American instead of every illegal alien. 

When I applied for a Maryland drivers license I ran into a hornets nest of people who simple don't like Veterans or they don't like helping a Vet get a simple driver's license. Either way, Maryland has made it nearly impossible for Veterans to immigrate to this wonderful State. I am not asking for special treatment. I would just like for Maryland to follow federal law as written in the regulations for the Real ID Act. Learn More 

Human Trafficking

If your child suddenly disappeared you would be frantic to get her back. Law enforcement would be breathing down your neck as the prime suspect. You would have no place to turn for help. Human traffickers know this and exploit American freedom to hide in plane sight with 17,500 abducted children sold into slavery in the US each and every year. You can join me to do something about it.  (Read More)


Get your kids vaccinated. It’s a smart thing to do. Most childhood diseases have been eliminated in the US through the use of vaccinations. This advance in medical science saves lives.   (Read More)

Research and Development:

R&D is one of the great things that has propelled the US ahead of most modern nations.  There are too many good ideas to count, but there are some bad ideas that keep getting funded.  I am going to get behind three types of research in particular that could significantly improve the quality of life for our children and our children's children. These include: 1. Genetic research to identify markers for adverse reactions from immunizations (funding provided by the Vaccine Reaction Trust Fund at $120M per year); 2. Alzheimer's research to find a cause and cure (funded by NIH out of its $30B per year budget) and 3. Ebola research to find and distribute a vaccine (funding provided by the Vaccine Reaction Trust Fund at $60M per year).  (Learn More)  

Save the Family Farm

Small farms are being sold to pay inheritance taxes at an alarming rate.  We don't have to steal family farms to pay the Chinese for the interest on our Nation's credit cards.  Think about it.  The US pays China about $30B every year for the money they lend us.  To pay the Chinese more and more every year the government needs to take more and more from people like you and me.  One of the easiest targets is the inheritance tax on the family farm.  The IRS knows that these families cannot pay the tax so they force the family to sell out to banks, insurance companies and rich individuals, including Chinese investors.  If you want to stop this, I know how. Support me and let's save the family farm.  

Gun Violence

How many police reports say, "The gun used to commit the crime had a gun lock secured to the trigger." Hmmm? I doubt that any police reports record such a thing. Could we reduce gun violence with gun locks? I think so. But how do we get people to use them. Here is the idea. I want to send a box of gun locks to every mother in America. Gun locks cost about a dollar to make. And the Post Office could distribute them for free.. If every mother in America had five gun locks, would they use them and then hide the key? I think so. Why not try?  Learn More

Congressional Pay Raises

I pledge to not take the last Congressional pay raise.  While I think that it is objectionable for the members of Congress to vote a pay raise for themselves, Steny Hoyer is ready for a pay raise and cost of living increases. There is a clear difference between Steny Hoyer and myself.  This is an obvious difference.  Steny should not advocate for giving himself a pay raise when over 20M Americans are unemployeed or underemployed.  Steny should not be looking for a cost of living increase when the average American is earning $3,000 less than they were a decade ago.  Read More

Dying to be Taxed (Again)

I will stop the IRS from coming after you or your family after you are dead.  Dying is bad enough.  It is devistating to a family.  The last thing a family needs or wants is a letter from the IRS saying that your loved one owes more taxes just because they were frugal while they lived and saved a little money for their family after they passed. This is government greed at its worst.  And it is all brought on by Representatives in Congress who cannot control their urge to spend more money.  We have to stop this.  We have to inject a little common sense.  (Learn More)

Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans Pacific Partnership Acts

Eva York said "If you can't do it in the light of day, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it at all." I stand firmly against the TPA or anything that resembles it. We know what happened under NAFTA. And we know that Americans who lost their jobs that are out sourced are now going to lose their “benefits”. The fact is, we want the jobs back, not the short term benefits that Congress uses to justify shipping our jobs off shore. And we sure as heck don’t want to give any more jobs to China or any other country that pays wages that are so low that no American can compete. Are you going to give up your $20 per hour job for a $1.10 per hour job with miserable working conditions. No. Of course not. But if you are in China and living in abject poverty, you will jump at a $1.10 per hour job. And they will work in the most horrible and unsafe working conditions imaginable. Look at the video of sweat shop factories collapsing in India. Do you want to go back to that? No.   (Read More)

Stay Tuned. More to Come.  

Repeal the McCarran Ferguson Act of 1945

This singular piece of legislation is the main reason health insurance costs are so high.  In 1945 an insurance company wanted to dominate its market through price fixing, coercion and intimidation.  The Supreme Court ruled that Congress could regulate this company and all other health insurance companies, which put this health insurance provider in a real pickle.  Along came Senators McCarran and Ferguson to the rescue.  With their piece of Legislation, the whole insurance industry was suddenly exempt from Anti Trust legislation and could go on intimidating and cheating their competition.  This law has stood on the books for three quarters of a century.  However, six years ago my campaign manager wrote a book on how to provide affordable health care to every US citizen and in that book he called for the repeal of the McCarran Ferguson Act.  Since then, the House of Representatives has passed bills to do just that, including the February 2010 vote which produced 406 votes out of 435 possible to repeal the Act.  Four times now the House has passed this legislation and four times it has failed to make it through the Senate.  Why?  Greed.  The same greed that produced the original legislation is keeping it in place.  The health care insurance industry owns enough Senators to block its passage.  I promise to introduce legislation within my first 100 days in office to repeal McCarran Ferguson and I will expose every Senator who stands against it.

Make Social Security Great Again

Social Security is one of the three primary means of living well in retirement.  In addition to Social Security you need to save some of your own money and you need to work with your employer to put some money away in a 401k or some other retirement plan.  That’s the basics.  So how much do you need?  Let’s start at the very bottom.  If we can understand the bottom of the scale, then anything above that make life more livable.  I will explain my plan here.

End the Marriage Tax Penalty

Do you realize that being married is a bad thing?  Yes, being married makes you a target of Steny Hoyer and every member of Congress, especially the establishment elite and the House Leadership.  Steny Hoyer is the second most highly ranking member of the Democratic Party and he wants you to live in poverty, especially when you are retired.  That’s right.  He WANTS you to live in poverty.  He set it up that way and for 34 years he has aggressively defended his position.


The Social Security Administration puts out a booklet on this very subject.  The booklet number is 05-10077.  I will explain what I am going to do to fix this mess here.


The 5 E's: Economy - Employment - Education - Environment and Energy



Women's Health Comes First

Women Win When Women

Suicide Rates Skyrocket Because of the IRS and US Economic Policy (NAFTA to TPA)

Every member of Congress should know why suicide rates are off the chart in the US. Recent articles point to 1999 to 2015 as highly problematic, especially devastating to women 

The same reports say that economic conditions are among the leading causes. When you use milk toast remarks like “economic conditions” you don’t tell the story. You just white wash it and ask for more money to study it.  NUTS!!!! There are not enough four letter words to describe how this pisses me off.  We need to tell the truth and it needs to be unvarnished.  Let’s face it, 19M American families have been thrown out of their homes since 2008.  That’s a number we can verify over and over.  Look it up on the Internet It’s an easy one.  Maryland is the hardest hit with 1 in every 535 homes being foreclosed right now. And Southern Maryland, especially Prince Georges County, is the hardest hit in Maryland. Yet Steny Hoyer will not use his leadership position in the US House of Representatives to do one thing to change it. Why?

If you are going to loose your home, you fight hard. You sell off everything you own trying to make one more payment and stay in that house. After you sell off everything you borrow money from your friends. Then you borrow money from people who are not friendly at all (credit cards with usury interest rates etc). Then you ask your church for money and then you do every last thing you can think of. But for 19M American bread winners, that wasn’t enough. Their homes where seized. How many do you think committed suicide?

Starting in 2008 when the market crashed, there were millions of Americans who could no longer pay the IRS everything they owed that year because they depended on the sale of stocks or bonds to cover their tax liabilities. When the stocks dropped 40% to 60%, they no longer had the cash to pay their bills. The IRS became their worst nightmare. Letters start pouring in and by 2010 the Tax Liens started. The IRS has a Top Secret file of all the Tax Liens they slapped on millions and millions of Americans who could no longer pay their taxes because of laws passed by Congress that allowed the sharks on Wall Street to create “financial instruments” like Mortgage Backed Securities (look those up on the internet if you don’t know what I am talking about) that ultimately tanked the global economy. Do you think Jane Q Public ever thought she could not pay her taxes because some jackass in Washington passed legislation to allow the BIG BANKS to sell junk securities to the unsuspecting public? Hell no. She couldn’t see it coming, but now the IRS slaps her with a lien and seizes her bank accounts and her retirement accounts And then the IRS taxes her for the seizures. If you think I am making this up, think again. Do your homework. Look it up.

The IRS is the epitome of Tyranny. It is an instrument of government. It is an instrument of OUR government.  It was created and sustained by legislation passed by your Congressman or Congresswoman. It is sustained by the likes of Steny Hoyer.  

We don’t need to study the suicide rate in the US. We need to act to end it. We can do that on April 26 by voting for anyone other than Steny Hoyer and the 434 other Congressmen and Women who can’t find the human decency to fight to stop suicides in this Great Nation.

Please vote for Kristin Beck on April 26. That’s next Tuesday.  If you can’t vote, then join us.  Go to: or 

Thank you,

Kristin Beck

Candidate for Congress 

Maryland’s 5th Congressional District

Socks, Bras and Jocks

Let's talk dirty.  I don't think I have ever said that before, but it seems to fit the situation right now.  Dirty pool, dirty politics, dirty language, dirty thoughts - dirty, dirty, dirty.  Let's all say it.  Hemp is a four letter dirty word.  What????? Hemp?????   Dirty?????  Dirty word??????

Yep, the venerable old Hemp plant and cousin to Marijuana is going to make a comeback on my watch.  It has been illegal since prohibition because those no good "do gooderers" (is that a word?) got beat on alcohol, so they turned their attention to Marijuana.  In the process blacks got the short end of the stick, thrown in jail, beaten and worse.  The only thing Hemp got was a huge black eye and banned from the commercial world of the US for about a century.  It's still illegal.  Why.  It has no THC so you can't get high.  If you can't get high, then what is it good for?  And the answer to that will surprise you.


Hemp is highly sustainable.  In fact, it makes other crops more sustainable by killing weeds.  If you don't have to pour weed killer on your fields, then you do a lot to help Mother Nature take care of herself and us too.


You can eat hemp.  In fact, hemp seeds are now considered gourmet.


You can make paper out of help.  Yep.  In fact you can get four times as much pulp from hemp per acre per year than you can from pine trees.  


You can make clothing and rope and all sorts of products.  You can create a whole new industry in America based on this plant that needs very little care or feeding or even water.  And you can do it right here in Maryland.  How about making that closer to home.  We could creat an industry that would support over 100,000 jobs right here in southern Maryland based on a plant that is banned for no particular reason.  All we have to do is get Governor Hogan to sign an executive order saying it was ok to grow hemp and produce quality products exclusively in Maryland and we would have a new bumper crop and a new industry.


And what would the Governor get.  Well, how about zero unemployment.  How about a way to increase property values and property taxes.  How about huge volumes of sales tax revenue.  How about an export industry that would bring new dollars into the state.  How about a crop that would reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizer that seem to make their way into the Chesapeake Bay.  


That's just the start.  We can literally turn the economy of Maryland around overnight with one simple sentence penned by the newly minted Governor.  All he would have to say is:


"Henceforth, Hemp is legal in Maryland.


Now that's an idea whose time has come.


Please vote for me on April 26.  That's this coming Tuesday.




Kristin Beck